Friday, March 16, 2018

Show #3 w/Thom Ianniccari ~ 7/6/16

Show #3  
Still leaning on friends and learning my way.  This show I thought it would be fun too bring in a "music expert" and talk about what's happening in the Hudson Valley.  Thom Ianniccari came in and gave us a run down on all the happenings going on that summer, 2016 in the Hudson Valley.

I had just come across Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds in my Internet "travels," and Mike Bergquist queued them up performing Freight Train for the show opening.

We played a few more songs.  Oops, I forgot to write down the second song we spun

"Nicole" called in to tell us all about the Yorktown Grange Fair.  Turns out she is friends with Thom I.  Nicole gave us the run down on the music being featured, and details we all need to know about their website, start time and events. 

Thom kept on going with his stories and local musicians he's worked with.  He gave us a scoop about Live at the Fillmore featuring, Lou Maresca.

I'm enjoying re-listening to this interview.  Many of the musicians Thom mentions, we have been hearing a lot about the past two years.  Seems Thom does in deed have his finger on the pulse of what's happing in the region.  

We closed out with a spin of Justin Veatch performing, Whipping Post.  

Here's a link to the third show if you want to take a listen.  Link to Show #3

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Show #2 w/The Burbans ~ 6/29/16

The Burbans 

My second show really was a lot of fun.  I still needed the support of friends to help get comfortable behind the mic and the task fell to; Rick Agosta, Matt Noble and Mike Cerullo three members of the awesomely talented band, The Burbans.  

Mike Bergquist, my fabulous engineer and I were figuring out how to work together and finding our footing. And, we opened with Alabama Girl in the background while I attempted to talk over it.  How does anyone do that?  It's so distracting!

The Burbans are so entertaining, and made the 2nd show process so easy.  Well..... they didn't really make it easy.. another bunch of wise guys attempting to throw me off my game!

Sarah Soltish friend of the band and the station, called in to tell us about a fundraiser 

We covered a lot of topics; how we met, projects we worked on together, how they got together, upcoming shows, social media benefits, Big Fan Records, The Hug Revolution (a wonderful philanthropic project), the Loft and lots more antics.

Take a listen

In-Studio Performances
Hanging Around
Day in Day Out
What Would Buddy Holly Do?

Show #1 w/Artie Tobia - 6/22/16

Artie Tobia

This was my very first radio show.  Thankfully it was done with this guy . . . 

Despite the fact that I was clutching my 11-page scripted interview for dear life, I trusted that Artie would help me get through the jitters.  He did too... although as I listen today, it's so obvious that he was doing his very best to trip me up.   I'm surprised he didn't pull that script out of my hands!

Some of the topics we covered were; how does Artie feel about having other musicians cover his original music, how he got started in the music business, his past and upcoming performances, appreciation of Don McLean's music, his exciting year since the release of Aberdeen and we practiced our comedy routine.

It's been almost 2 years since that first show and I'm listening and laughing.  I can hear my mistakes, shaky voice and lack of confidence.  To this day, I still remember that rush of accomplishment and the nervous racing heart feeling.  Hopefully, I never lose that memory.  It helps to keep me grounded. Last thing I want to do is believe my own hype!  LOL!   

Give a listen see if you can figure out why I decided to go with Artie as my first guest.

Songs Performed In-Studio


Spinning Recorded
Dogwood Tree Blues